DTF Transfer Press Recommendations

  1. Make sure item is free of lint & Prepress garment
  2. If transfer has moisture, before pressing place under a hot heat press for 90 seconds artwork facing down to remove moisture.
  3. Position Transfer on tshirt with artwork facing upward

For Cotton Fabric:

  • 300 degrees F
  • 1st Press: 8-10 seconds
  • 2nd Press: 8-10 seconds with Teflon sheet cover
  • Peel COLD

For Polyester Fabric:

  • 260 degrees F
  • 1st Press: 5 seconds
  • 2nd Press: 2 seconds with Teflon sheet cover
  • Peel COLD

If needed repress again covered with Teflon sheet for 7-10 seconds to remove moisture and lock in final cure of artwork to garment.

Note: Transfers will sometimes absorb moisture during shipment and with storage. Transfers will sometimes have gritty powder. No cause for alert as this is normal. Just wipe with a paper towel to remove moisture and excess powder and store in a cool place laying face downward.

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