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Cookie Tester Little Girl DTF Transfer

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Our DTF Transfers are super colorful, durable, easy to press and looks amazing on any color. No weeding or masking is required and DTF transfers can be applied on a wide range of materials including, cotton, nylon, cotton/poly blends, treated leather, 100% polyester, 50/50 blends and more (light and dark fabrics). All you need is a heat press to simply press and go!

  • 11x16 Baby/Toddler Size Includes 6-8 prints (approximately, may be less depending on image dimensions): 
    • 1 7"x7"
    • 2 6"x6"
    • 2 3"x3"
    • 2 4"x4"
  • 11x16 Kids Includes 3-4 Prints (approximately, may be less depending on image dimensions): 
    • 1 7x9
    • 1 8x10
    • 1-2 4x4
  • 11x16 Youth Includes 2 8x11

    What Are DTF Transfers?

    Digital Transfer Film (DTF) is the latest technology of heat transfers in the digital printing world. DTF transfers are more affordable and accessible compared to Direct to Garment (DTG), screen printing, sublimation or laser white toner transfers. It also gives you the advantage to print on any color tshirts and any material including: Cotton, poly, denim, silk & more. When heat pressed to the garment, the designs are soft, stretchy, vibrant, durable and long lasting. 

    DTF is also referred to as Direct Transfer Film, and it works by printing transfers that are heat pressed to a variety of garments (and other substrates). There are many compatible fabrics including cotton, nylon, leather, polyester, and 50/50 blends. This is unlike Direct to Garment (DTG) technology which only works on cotton fabrics. This therefore means that these transfers work on a much wider substrate, making it the most versatile digital transfers in the market. DTF printers work on both white and dark garments and can get the job done without requiring you to press on costly A+B paper, as is the case with the white toner printers.

    Direct Transfer Film printers also combine reliability, unmatched quality and high productivity. They can handle large production volumes, which is essential in this fast-growing industry. Unlike DTG technology, DTF transfers are preferred by most people because they are affordable and require no pre-treatment. For quality results, you will need DTF powder and DTF sheets to print transfer film, and of course, DTF Ink.

    buytransfers247 provides ready to press DTF Transfers. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to create your tshirts and other garments.

    How to Press

    Pre-Press garment for 5 seconds

    1st Press: 300 degrees for 10 seconds medium pressure

    Peel Cool (rubbing the film with cloth is recommended)

    2nd Press: Cover with teflon or parchment paper, 300 degrees for 10 sec, medium pressure.

    Note: Firm and even pressure is important for good adhesion, avoid any pocket/seams/buttons/zipper/etc. within the press area

    Polyester/Blend Fabric: Lower the temperature 250-285 degrees & shorten time 3-8 seconds, as these fabrics absorb heat at much faster rate.

    Transfer Sizes

    4x4 Gang - 11x16 Gang sheet (6-10 per sheet depending on image)

    8x11 - Fits Kids to Small Adult TShirts (1-2 per sheet depending on image)

    11x12 - Recommended for Hoodies (Includes 2-3 smaller images)

    11x16 - Fits most Adult TShirts Medium-2XL

    13x19 - 2XL-3XL

    22x16 - 3XL-6XL or you can gang with any sizes

    Note: In many instances the tshirt and hoodie will be the same size depending on the image.

    Care & Storage

    How to wash a DTF Printed shirt?Turn your tshirt inside out. Fill your washing machine with cold water. Use the correct amount of soap and DO NOT use Bleach. Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Air Dry your t-shirt or use the LOW heat setting on your dryer.

    We cannot be held liable for DTF transfers stored by our customers. All transfers purchased from the website is being sold for the sole purpose of being applied to a garment upon receipt or shortly after. Storing the transfers are at the sole discretion of the customers.

    Shipping & Returns

    DTF Transfers are non-refundable due to user error. We will however replace defective transfers before they have been applied. We will request photos of such defects to approve these claims. These are a no refunds/final sale item with the exception of defects before application.

    Artwork Recommendations

    File Type: PNG No background

    DPI: Minimum 300 DPI is best

    Pixels: Minimum 2000 pixels is best

    Free Template Download: CLICK HERE