DTF Transfers Sizes

The following is a guideline for our DTF Transfer sizes. However, it is best to measure your garment area if you are unsure of which transfer size to choose. If a transfers does not have options, the 11x16 transfers will be sent.

4"x4" Gang - 11x16 Gang sheet (6-10 per sheet depending on image)

➥ 7x9 - Recommended for Small Kids (1-2 per sheet depending on image proportions)

8x11 - Fits Kids to Small Adult TShirts (1-2 per sheet depending on image)

11x12 - Recommended for Hoodies (Includes 2-3 smaller images)

11x16 - Fits most Adult TShirts Medium-2XL

13x19 - 2XL-3XL

22x16 - 3XL-6XL or you can gang with any size artwork

Note: In many instances the tshirt and hoodie will be the same size depending on the image.